For a safer tomorrow

Creating a future based on trust, privacy and safety with blockchain technology.

Concordium stands apart from the typical blockchain companies, offering a distinctive feature: the fusion of privacy and identity. However, their prior branding lacked the clarity to emphasize this differentiating factor in a competitive market.

Our creative concept draws inspiration from Concordium's core pillars: Privacy and Identity. The visual language incorporates elements of concealment, symbolizing their distinct and unique position in the field.



Webflow Development



Concordium embarked on a transformative journey to revamp its visual identity and user interface, striving for a harmonious blend of consistency and flexibility.

The outcome was a design library capable of catering to diverse categories while preserving the unique Concordium identity. This holistic approach not only ensures the engagement and interaction of users within a complex environment but also facilitates the presence in both the digital and physical realms, bridging the gap between investors, open communities, and developer-friendly integrations.

Designer's Note

During the initial phase of our numerous workshops, we delved into Concordium's core values and translated them into a unified visual language, with "glass" serving as the central theme. Honesty, transparency, privacy, and security all resonated with this motif, inspiring the creation of a cohesive visual system.

“The previous visual identity was leaning more on the business side. But there is a huge crypto-native community out there who is also interested in our project. The collective we hired managed to make a very good bridge between those two.”

Torben René Larsen, CMO

A delicate balance

We aimed to achieve a delicate balance between consistency and flexibility in both Visual Identity and User Interface, resulting in a design library that could seamlessly adapt to various categories while retaining a distinct identity. This holistic approach allows Concordium to thrive in both digital and physical realms.

Broad communication

The user experience needed to strike a balance between being engaging, interactive, and dynamic, all while providing a clear overview within a complex environment. The overall experience had to cater to a broad audience, seamlessly communicating both to investors and developers.