Better returns for investors, people and planet.

Branding a Global investor

Fredensborg Group is a real estate investment company with a Nordic heritage and a Pan-European investment portfolio who came to us to get help launching their new investment brand, Heim. They needed a brand platform and visual identity with a simple and iconic expression, a sustainable profile and a global feel with roots going back to its Nordic heritage.

Per Nordstrøm 
Simon Holm
Casper Holbek




Webflow Development


We focused the Heim brand strategy on their vision to only invest in long-term projects that give back to the planet and the people around them as well as offering risk-adjusted returns to the investors. Based on this vision, we defined a unique space where making a profit and doing good meet, and created the new Heim brand platform:

Where investors, people and planet profit.

The engaging website gives power to the users, playing video based on scroll-feedback, creating balance between UX readability and UI immersion, narrating the story between cities across the world, through the portal.