Hyphen 1.0

The fundraiser project


Hyphen, (now called mykin.ai) is a digital product that safeguards you with data, traffic, information and transactions in the coming era of web 3.0

Their groundbreaking technology that used decentralized web nodes, gives you your own personal Ai engine, without being able to share any information with others, even if they could.

They were still in a process of discovering themselves and I had to help them in a direction that made their product more understandable in their current identity.

I mainly used motion graphics, lottie files and UI / UX to convey the information better but also make it seem desirable, professional and cutting edge, so they could get another round of funding.

You can preview the old staging site here:


Custom Graphics


Lottie animations

Webflow Development

Lottie files

To make the site more alive, compelling and engaging with the users, we thought for an early stage to apply motion graphics to our elements. We pushed SVG animations to a new level, where they play with 60fps feedback with less than 1mb file size. The only downside is the lack of compability on different browsers and the animations use CPU power to fully utilize.

But there is alway a hack and optimizations to be made.

Ever evolving

The team successfully got another funding of over 3 million kroner and now has the amazing new platform mykin.ai, go have a look and download your new companion.

Sometimes pages needs only a limited purpose in order to re-invent itself. Just as we do, ever evolving.