The land of art


Kunstlandet is a place in herning, that collects art as a union, where they share their works, ideas and visions. It's a communicty that is growing everyday and the exhibitions is slowly becoming the state capital for artists to live.

The union approached me with a request for a logotype, that could work with the diversity of the union and customized to their visions and mission statements.

Custom Graphics

Basic Identity

Early concepts

To give the team a proper set-off and settings ideas into motion, I created three concept directions to help them find out on their discovery phase what interested them. When you have a limited timeframe and they are on the opposite side of the country, this was the best solution to better lock-in where my time needs to be used.

Show them the way

There were many twists and turns to make this logotype and the team wasn't sure about what they liked. They were sure about some of the aspects they liked but not which path to take.

To make them more cool and head sure about the proces, I offered to make 3 digital sketches for each category: 'The Adventurer', 'Unikum' and the 'Futurist'.

This compromise paved our way for our solution.


They went with solution 2, the serif inspired typography that communicated and expressed strong, timeless brutalistic settings that we see in classic serif's. I added twists and variable widths to heighten its elegance and symmetry.

Customized to the bone

To speed up the proces, i used 'crucial' a free google font and turned it into my liking using grids and symmetric alignements. Inspired by its legacy, but turning it rounded, organic and less harsh in the edges.