You will never die alone

The natural ways

Death can be a scary thing. It is unknown and at the same time very well known to us.  It is the balance of life. Where life must be, so must death, and it is a road that we all have to take, but not necessarily alone.

In this project, I had the opportunity to make a visual proposal for an intro for TV2 Vågekonerne / Watchers.
Vågerne is about volunteers who visit and accompany people in their last hours, making sure that nobody dies alone.

Art Direction





"A unique concept direction, that pushes the envelope of not what to be, but what to come"

- Ib Larsen, Teacher at Guldberg School

Beautiful, not gloomy

The challenge was to make it beautiful, positive and serene.
TV2 was clear on not wanting the usual somber melancholic atmosphere.

I found inspirations mainly from 'Brødrende løvehjerte  / The lionheart brothers', that views afterlife as something adventurous and idyllic with warm VHS colors.

The other main inspiration is from
Netflix series 'Dark' with their technical approach to parallel worlds.