Morph Capital

Making visions come true since 2005


Morph Capital approached me in search of a different, provocative, philosophic version of a platform.
They were tired of vastless wordpress templates, that didn't express emotion, interatictiveness and playfulness in a serious setting.

They wanted to re-vamp their identity to an extend, that their old logo were still recognizable and didn't have to change throughout their office, signs and businesscards.

It needed to be a home for their vision, portfolio and house in Copenhagen.

Test platform:

Concept Development

Graphic Design

Digital Design

Motion Graphics



Project Management

Art Direction

When myths and the digital space collide

After the concept phase, we were locked in on keeping it poetic, full of greek myths and methaphors, since the founders have deep love for the subject and the house itself is covered in it. On the other hand, a specific set of founders also have a deep interest for Web 3.0 and the investments they have engaged in.

We came to a conclusion, that the greek methaphors would give synergy to it's visuals, if it were put through a CRT emulator - giving it a physical and digital world, combining these two aspects with a 90's twist to it.

The visual communication gave Morph Capital a whole new angle of saying it kept itself true to its roots, but also have a world without borders in the matrix.