Freedom of expression event 2022

3 Videos in 3 days

In pro bono cases, time is a luxury you don't have.

In this project I was given 3 pictures of brave journalists and an art direction that needed to be fuelled with a motion concept. Luckily much of the homework was done by a fellow colleague, Franscesco.

I knew from the beginning that in order to make 3 videos in less than 3 days, I would need to be smart and reuse my motion principles and compositions.

But before I could even start, I needed to tell the narrative right from the start. I wanted to highlight and praise the journalists for their bravery, risking their lives for telling the truth right, in a time of propaganda, hate and lies.


Custom Graphics



Tools used

Through research, interviews, quantitive data and UX sketches, the project grew into its own identity with a high fidelity concept, that was clickable, tested and iterated.

Teachers and pupils were impressed and began seeing math and physics as an exciting subject correlated to space.

S.T.E.M is an exciting subject when its about the space, and it's about high time we start using it in the classroom. For the generations to come, and aiming for a brighter future.