Modernizing the old ways

To experience nature while hunting is apowerful feeling. Senses are elevated, awarenessheightened. It feels as if nature opens up and takes you in,welcomes you home. Hunting is a mindset, a way of sustained living, a heritage.

It's not about consuming what nature provides, it's about conserving nature so that it can provide — now and for generations to come.

This is Openlands.

Visual Identity

Custom Graphics


Motion Concept


No clutter on the go

The app focuses on two segments: the hunters and the landowners. The goal with the app is to narrow the gap between the two and increase the communication, without having it overflowing with obsolete functions. When you are on the field and with the group, the overview should always be instant and easy to act on.

It's easy to onboard, drawing your land, inviting hunters and create events that works seamlessly, while increasing the biodiversity and experience every time you go hunting.

"Super easy to book a hunt - especially for young hunters - since they often do not have the biggest hunting network. Prices are fair and the landowners are good at assisting"

- Jørgen Blazejevicz, Landowner at Øster Strovstrup by Holsterbro