Re-vamping a tourism agency

Enhancing the current elements and vision

Seismonaut is a dedicated team of creatives and professionals specializing in making experiences better for communes, art exhibitions and events that are supplied by the state to increase tourism locally and internationally. They are especially eager to help cultural institutions, destinations, organisations and most things inbetween.

They are ambitious people, using their current identity as 'the skies is the limit' kind of metaphor and my job was to extend it - re-vamp it into something more tangible and flexible.

Re-vamped identity


Wordpress development

Lottie Motion

Designer's Note

From the very early phase, i wanted to push them out from their restricted color palette, only using their primary colors, orange and greys - into more earthly and atmospheric driven colors with a clear inspiration from 60's space race graphics and 80's casette sci-fi.

Making it more curious, positive and on alignment with their space theme, without making it cliché.

Using elegantly, such as the colors of the sunrays kissing the upper atmosphere.

Reflecting onto their clients needs.

By making Seismonaut more artistic, creative and narratively more focused just as their clients needs, results in reflecting onto Seismonaut's capabilities, and hence, more efficiently attracting their clients better.