An interesting take on growing the STEM sector while funding the science behind it

What if?

What if S.T.E.M related educations funded space exploration? What if through gamification, a new generation could be inspired?

In this concept, I explored how two issues could solve each other. The one side, S.T.E.M related educations is decreasing and the students in the early years, simply fall off, because it feels farfetched, difficult and plain boring.

On the other side, space exploration is a powerful and exciting subject, but underfunded and going through a snails pace in the 21st century, if you parallel it to the 60's.
Through better funding in space exploration, we can use those innovations to improve our everday lives on our planet. Water purifiers, CAT scans, artificial limbs and portable computers is just a few innovations that derive from space exploration.

These two issues, comes together through e-learning, a sector that believes to grow into a USD 645 billion sector by 2030. The Platform has the potential to grow into an international success, supporting NASA, ESA and S.T.E.M universities.

Visual Identity

Custom Graphics


Motion Concept


"A unique concept direction, that pushes the envelope of not what to be, but what to come"

- Ib Larsen, Teacher at Guldberg School

Tools used

Through research, interviews, quantitive data and UX sketches, the project grew into its own identity with a high fidelity concept, that was clickable, tested and iterated.

Teachers and pupils were impressed and began seeing math and physics as an exciting subject correlated to space.

S.T.E.M is an exciting subject when its about the space, and it's about high time we start using it in the classroom. For the generations to come, and aiming for a brighter future.